MODIFIED OPERATIONS DUE TO COVID-19:  Due to social restrictions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not scheduling group workshops or other group activities at this time.  We are, however, continuing to schedule Individual Private Workshop (see below) for a very limited number of weavers.  Call 914-332-1948 to schedule.

HOLIDAY FAIR:  We will not have a Holiday Fair this year, but a nice selection of hand woven and other handcrafted goods are available in our gift shop.  If you wish to visit our gift shop, please call the Weaving Center at 914-332-1948 Tuesday through Friday from 11 am to 5 pm to schedule an appointment.

INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE WORKSHOPS:  Learn how to weave or expand your weaving skills by exploring a new weave structure.  We have a four day workshop where we set up the loom so it’s warped and ready for you to start your project.  Fee: $200 plus materials.  We also have a two-week workshop where we teach you how to plan a project, make a warp, dress the loom and, finally, weave.  Fee: $400 plus materials.  Call 914-332-1948 to schedule.