FALL 2015 thru SPRING 2016

To register telephone Sister Bianca at The Weaving Center:  914-332-1948

WEAVING WORKSHOPS: where you can experience the weaving process.  Unless otherwise indicated, the looms are warped and ready for you to select a weft and complete a project in 3 or 4 days.  The fee for each workshop includes individual instruction as well as the use of equipment.  Materials are extra.  Limited enrollment.

September:  Reopening on Tuesday, September 8th   
It is time to come and plan your project from idea to reality!  Select your loom for that special project.                                                                       Fee:  Rental $350 per month

October:  OPEN House on Sunday, October 25th from 2 to 4 pm                        
Come visit the Center!  See our new space:  natural light from the north and south with a high ceiling; it was a gym!  There is space around all the looms and our yarns are accessible around the room.

November:  Beginners Workshop: November 10-13 from 1 to 4 pm         
Learn about the warp and weft, the operation of the loom!  What are tabby, twill and twill variation?  Learn some new vocabulary as you explore with color and yarns to create a scarf.  Choose between cotton, wool or synthetic yarns.
Sign up by October 29th                                                              Fee: $110 + materials

December:  Is Gift Time–The Weaving Center Fair on December 5th & 6th from Noon to 5 pm
T’is time to plan and make the special woven piece for the holidays.  And/or Come to the Fair!  You will find a unique collection of handcrafted and hand woven goods by the Friends of the Center.  A beautiful QUILT will be raffled off on Sunday afternoon.  Take some chances, buy your gifts and don’t miss this year’s fair.

January:  Herringbone Twill with Cotton Warp & Linen Weft:      CANCELLED
Plan a table runner or placemats with the pattern.  Select your choice of colors: cool colors or neutral ones.

February:  Log Cabin Scarves: February 23-26 from 1 to 4 pm
The log cabin is a simple geometric pattern with threads off two colors, alternating in the warp and weft; all done in plain weave.  Select wool or cotton warp.
Sign up by February 4th                                                              Fee: $110 + materials

March:  Explore the simple way of “pick-up” lace: March 29-April 1 from 1 to 4 pm Lace weaves can enhance your work on the loom without complicated threading patterns.  Learn about Brooks Bouquet, Danish Medallion, Leno, Spanish Lace and more.  Exploring with color, yarn thickness or beat are a few possibilities.  The warp will be cotton and wide enough to make yardage.
Sign up by March 10th                                                                  Fee:  $110 + materials

April:  A Two Week Workshop:  April 12-22 from 1 to 4 pm
Time to refresh your knowledge of planning and making a warp (or learn how for the first time!), dressing the loom, tying it up and finally weave.  Pick up a few new Finnish techniques and vocabulary in the process.  Explore with color and texture for your project.
Sign up by April 1st                                                                       Fee:  $210 + materials

May, June & July:   “Summertime and the living is easy”
Is it time to make the tallit or prayer shawl you’ve been thinking about?  Maybe it’s the family Tartan or plaid for a special shawl or blanket.  Or try out that new pattern in either four or eight harnesses that you’ve been wanting to explore.  T’is the time….
Sign up by April 28th                                                                      Fee:  $350 per month