FALL 2018 thru SPRING 2019

To register telephone the Weaving Center:  914-332-1948

WEAVING WORKSHOPS: where you can experience the weaving process.  Except for the 2-week Beginners’ Workshop (see below) the looms are warped and ready for you to select a weft and complete a project in 3 or 4 days.  The fee for each workshop includes individual instruction as well as the use of equipment.  Materials are extra.  Limited enrollment.

Small Throws or Shawls                                        September 18 thru 21 from 1-4 pm
Create a soft, warm and useful item with our beautiful yarns  The looms will be wapred with pre-selected yarns.
Sign up by September 14th (limited to 4 participants)                    Fee: $150 + materials              
Beginners’ Workshop                                                         October 23 thru 26, 1-4 pm
Learn about the warp and weft and how to operate a loom.  Learn some new vocabulary as you explore with color and yarns to create a scarf.  Bring your own yarns or select from our collection before October 5th to give us time to dress your loom.
Sign up by September 20th (limited to 5 participants)                    Fee: $150 + materials

Holiday Fair                                                                            December 1 & 2, 12-5 pm
Come to the fair! You will find a unique collection of handcrafted and hand woven goods created by Friends of the Weaving Center.  A beautiful hand made piece will be raffled off on Sunday afternoon.  Take some chances, buy your gifts and don’t miss this year’s fair!
IMG_5080Basics of Drafting: Study Group                                    January 29 thru 31, 5 to 7 pm
Understand the four elements:  pattern, tie-up, treadling and drawdown to help you creat interesting patterns and variations thereof.  No weaving involved.  Taught by Sister Bianca.
Sign up by January 8th (limited to 5 participants)                                            Fee: $100

Bound Weave Explored                                                         March 12 thru 15, 1-4 pm
Explore a weft-faced weave called “bound weave” in which you will have the pleasure of creating all sorts of figures and forms on a four shaft loom.  Your imagination will be stirred and expanded in the process.  Taught by Sister Bianca.
Sign up by February 22nd (limited to 4 participants)                      Fee:  $150 + materials

Two-Week Beginners’ Workshop                                    April 30 thru May 10, 1-5 pm
Learn (or refresh your knowledge of) how to plan and make a warp, dress the loom, tie it up and finally weave.  Pick up a few new Finnish techniques and vocabulary in the process.  Explore with color and texture for your project.
Sign up by April 5th (limited to 6 participants)                                Fee:  $300 + materials