To register telephone Sister Bianca at The Weaving Center:  914-332-1948

WEAVING WORKSHOPS: where you can experience the weaving process.  Unless otherwise indicated, the looms are warped and ready for you to select a weft and complete a project in 3 or 4 days.  The fee for each workshop includes individual instruction as well as the use of equipment.  Materials are extra.  Limited enrollment.

A. Beginner’s Workshop:  September 16 thru 20                                         1 to 4 pm   Want to learn how to plan and make a warp?  Dress the loom, tie it up and weave?  This workshop is for you!  Learn a whole new vocabulary as you explore with color and yarns to make a scarf or a simple runner.
Sign up by September 12th                                                         Fee: $100 + materials

B. Simple Woven Trims:  October 14 thru 17                                                  1 to 4 pm
Using the inkle loom, a modern version of a small tape loom or a rigid heddle one to create flat narrow braids for trimming clothing and all sorts of items.  The design is created by the warp, thread by thread and color by color.  See article the “Threads” magazine, Oct-Nov 2014, page 57
Sign up by October 8th                                                              Fee: $100 + materials

C. Bound Weave Explored:  November 4 thru 8                                         1 to 4 pm    
Weaving a weft face fabric that creates many possible figures:  people, places, Swedish (on opposites) and animals, flowers, etc.  The pattern can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, your choice!  Looms will be ready for your weaving.
Sign up by October 21st                                                             Fee: $100 + materials

D. Simple Pick-up Lace:  December 9 thru 12                                              1 to 4 pm  There are so many lace weaves that an be picked-up and created:  Book’s Bouquet, Danish Medallion, Leno and Mexican Lace, and variations.  Experiment with each pattern and see how quickly you can weave a sampler for future use.  Looms will be prepared and ready for weaving.
Sign up by November 18th                                                          Fee: $100 + materials

E. Let’s WEAVE with LINEN:  January 20 thru 23                                          1 to 4 pm  A fiber that Scandinavians love for table and household use.  Select from various warps to create interesting material with twill and tabby weaves.  Choose cool, warm or neutral colors for your warp.
Sign up by January 8th                                                               Fee: $120 + materials

F. Rags to Riches:  March 17 thru 20                                                              1 to 4 pm
Learn to work with “Poppana” (cut cotton strips from Finland) to create interesting textural cloth for placemats, table runners, pillows, vests or even a jacket!
Sign up by March 3rd                                                                   Fee: $100 + materials

G. Using the Herringbone Twill in a Cotton Warp                                    CANCELLED
Create enough material to make a summer top or garment.  Explore some textured wefts or color variations in your weaving.
                                                                   Fee:  $100 + materials


1. Warping and Beaming Demo:  Wednesday October 22nd at 7:30 pm
Making a warp is an important step in weaving.  Come and see for yourself the simple steps many Finns use in making the entire warp proceed smoothly.  Participants will have a “hands on” experience for a better understanding of the entire process.
Sign up by Wednesday, October 8th                                                                Fee: $25

2. Transparency Lecture & Demo (Kuultokudos in Finnish): Thursday, October 23rd at 6:30 pm
A simple weave using linen to create images with open and filled areas.  The design is placed under the warp for easy following of the forms.  See many Finnish examples to entice you to try the technique for yourself!  Join the Palisades Weavers for an exciting evening!
Sign up by Tuesday, October 21st                                                                      No Fee