MODIFIED OPERATIONS DUE TO COVID-19:  All visitors, including group and private workshop participants will be required to show PROOF OF COVID VACCINATION.

HOLIDAY FAIR: Saturday & Sunday, December 4 & 5, 2021 from Noon to 5 pm.  Come to the fair!

INDIVIDUAL PRIVATE WORKSHOPS:  Learn how to weave or expand your weaving skills by exploring a new weave structure.  We have a four day workshop where we set up the loom so it’s warped and ready for you to start your project.  Fee: $200 plus materials.  We also have a two-week workshop where we teach you how to plan a project, make a warp, dress the loom and, finally, weave.  Fee: $400 plus materials.  Available throughout the year. Call 914-332-1948 to schedule.  Must provide PROOF OF COVID VACCINATION.

GROUP WORKSHOPS:  Unless otherwise indicated, the looms are warped and ready for you when you arrive.  The fee for each workshop includes individual instruction as well as the use of equipment.  Materials are extra.  Limited enrollment. Call 914-332-1948 to sign up. All participants must provide PROOF OF COVID VACCINATION.

October 26 thru 29 from 1 to 4 pm
Sign up by October 15th (limited to 4 participants)
 Fee:  $150 plus materials
Learn about the warp and weft and how to operate a loom.  And
 learn some  new vocabulary as you explore with color and yarns to
 create a sampler or a scarf.

May 10 thru 20 from 1 to 4 pm
Sign up by April 1st (limited to 4 participants)
Fee:  $300 plus materials
A two-week workshop to learn the various possibilities of weave           and the use of color—contrasting or close in value, the use of thick        thin yarns and more.
First week—Using an 8-inch wide 2-color warp, learn about                 “tabby” (aka plain weave) and twill, the use of small flat   shuttles. Finishing: simple overhand knots.
Second week—Using a 20-inch wide 3-color warp, learn to use a floating selvedge, make bobbins and use a roller shuttle.  Become more familiar with the twill family:  reverse and point twills, crepe weaves, broken twills, bell celtic, etc.  Finishing: twisted fringe.

June 14 thru 24 from 1 to 4 pm
Sign up by May 20th (limited to 4 participants)       
Fee: $300 plus materials
Learn (or refresh your knowledge of) how to plan and make a warp,    dress the loom, tie it up and finally weave.  Pick up a few new Finnish techniques and vocabulary in the process.  Explore with color and texture for your project.  Taught on countermarch looms (a limited number of jack looms are available upon request).